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How to Give an Impromptu Farewell Speech

I happens like this. You’re invited to John’s farewell, the drinks are flowing and his manager either doesn’t turn up, or doesn’t want to give a farewell speech. Either that or you are John’s manager, and giving farewell speeches is becoming far too frequent because of promotions or  company expansions. Remember that nobody really likes […]

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Everyone has a view or an opinion on leadership. I have met and worked with some truly outstanding leaders and some who left me quite confused through ambiguity and their own lack of experience. The great leaders I know are individuals with their own way of looking at the world and their own modus operandi. […]

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Ten Questions to Ask About Meetings

When did you last ask yourself, “how much does this meeting cost?” Multiply the number of people at the table times their hourly rate, taking into consideration that their cost to the organisation is around 1.5 times their salary, or even more if they are being charged out . (more…)

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