stregic planning in Brisbane

creativity and strategy development example

A creative process to develop strategy.

Strategic planning and implementation

The problem with most strategic plans is that they are often ignored because of the pressure of day-to-day operations. We can help you facilitate, formulate, refine and monitor your strategic plans:

  • Confirm vision, mission, values underpin strategic direction

  • Identify goals through creative processes

  • Identify objectives to reach goals

  • Identify current objectives that are no longer relevant

  • Develop a strategic plan

  • Monitor implementation progress

Case study

An international highly entrepreneurial B2C company manufacturing and selling a unique leisure product needed to review their strategy to expand into new markets.

Initial Brief

The Marketing Director identified that there was too much reliance by the Australian team on her for creative leadership. She wanted them to provide leadership, develop new skills to manage upwards and be able to develop and implement strategy.

The Process

CDA reviewed existing strategy with the full executive management team

  • Trained them in creative process that they would be able to use in the future

  • Applied creative process in a workshop to update strategy and tactics for the next twelve months

  • Agreed on objectives to deliver these

  • Facilitated them though a planning template process

  • Agreed on learning and development for the executive management team.


The EMT has restructured, enabling them to implement strategy, improve operations and win interantional awards for their product.
We can help you review your business strategy.