Teamwork – From Group to Team


Some days are just Magic.

Recently we agreed to run a one day seminar for a client’s executive management team to review their current strategy and KPIs.

They were highly experienced individuals, not easily impressed, and used to working in a demanding environment. Their leader started the day by inviting them to share their expectations for outcomes and also shared his. This group, and I emphasise group, was newly formed. Their leader was new and this was their first opportunity to explore the future .

What a day!

We asked them to consider new ways of approaching planning and information gathering by using creative techniques. They threw themselves into the process enthusiastically and amazed us all with their achievement in a very short time. This set the stage for the rest of the day, where we, as facilitators were struggling to keep up with the group rather than the opposite, which is often the case.

In one day they identified the big hitters for the next several years. They agreed on the process for: documenting their plan; responsibilities in terms of direct accountabilities; collaboration across divisions on new areas of opportunity; and tapping into each other’s experience and skills.

The healthy feelings just kept building as the day progressed with people feeing that their ambitious plans were really do-able and would most likely be realised. The feelings of confidence and expectation were tangible. At the close of the session we saw a newly formed and committed team as opposed to a group of impressive individuals.

For us this it was one of those truly rewarding days where everyone was a winner and an example of how shared values and ethics can produce great results.
We call this Pure Magic!


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