How to Give an Impromptu Farewell Speech

I happens like this. You’re invited to John’s farewell, the drinks are flowing and his manager either doesn’t turn up, or doesn’t want to give a farewell speech. Either that or you are John’s manager, and giving farewell speeches is becoming far too frequent because of promotions or  company expansions.

Remember that nobody really likes long speeches, but if the occasion is that important, it should not be impromptu.

Here is a short mnemonic to remember what you could say:


P – Purpose

Why are we here, where is he going, what has he been doing?

A – Achievements

What did John achieve while he was here – personally, professionally?

S – Story

Tell a very short (90 sec) story about John

T – Thanks

Thank him for his efforts

P – Presentation  Well Wishes

Present him with his farewell gift, wish him and his family etc all the best for the future, thank him again and call upon the crowd to show their appreciation.

You could also use this format to thank a visiting official or an executive from head office, or any occasion where there is a presentation.

impromptu speech

impromptu speech


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