How to Overcome Nervousness

Nervous ladyI was conducting a Miller-Heiman Strategic Selling (c) program this week. The participants were a great bunch of people from diverse backgrounds and industries who made a terrific contribution to the program with their experiences and observations.

We were up to the session on what makes it difficult to get to the economic buying influence, where one of the factors is being uncomfortable in dealing with someone who may be at the top level of the organisation. Other factors are that the EB may be blocked by a gatekeeper, or you can’t identify who the person is.

We’ve all probably heard of the public speaking technique to reduce nervousness whereby you imagine that the audience is dressed in their underwear. One of the participants shared a beautiful technique he uses to reduce his stress levels in important meetings.

He imagines he is about to give the others in the meeting a hug, and uses that feeling to help his presentation technique.

Thanks, Larry.


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