Impromptu speech -response to a question

One of our Miller Heiman colleagues, Rolene Liebenberg gave me a good tip the other day on how to respond to an impromptu question. You know those times when you’re put on the spot. Use the mnemonic (memory aid):


M – make your point.

B- Because – detail the reasons.

E- Example – further information, maybe tell a story.

If you need more time to think, say something like “that’s a very interesting point” and be silent while gathering your thoughts. Nod your head, knit your brow or use other appropriate body language to show the audience that you are actively considering the problem.

Another weapon for your arsenal!

One Response to Impromptu speech -response to a question

  1. Dave Stein December 23, 2008 at 12:38 am #

    I like that: MBE.

    Years ago I attended a workshop for executives who might be interviewed by the press during a crisis. It was one of the most interesting 90-minutes I’ve ever spent. There are lots of things to remember. One is don’t repeat any negative phrase or the press will use it. For example, “Is it true, Catherine, that the paint your company manufacturers causes blindness in houseflies?” The response, “We do not manufacture paint that causes blindness in houseflies,” could, and these days, certainly will be edited and used to get more viewers on the evening news…