Leadership tips – sack the judge, prioritise your life, spot and stop manipulators

Welcome to 2015

Welcome to 2015 from Catherine Day and Associates!

Our mission this year is to inspire you to achieve your goals by directing you to useful, practical articles and leadership tips, as well as providing insights through our work with others .

This time of year fills us with resolutions about what we are going to achieve in our work and our home lives. Yet how many of these resolutions remain unfilled when we come to the end of another year? Why does this happen?

Maybe because we put too much pressure on ourselves.

Catherine Day

I’d urge you to read this article from Lifehacker that proposes that your achievement is inversely proportional to the number of directions you are following, and what you can do about it.

This might give you pause to re-examine your resolutions.

​An interesting thought in the article is that you should havre only one major goal each for your work, home and weekends, if you want to be sure of success.

Sack the judge!

When things affect you at work or in your private life, the choices you make will decide the outcome you get.

​Do you have a process for making these choices?

Are you a judger or a learner?

This article from Marilee Adams. PhD of the Inquiry Institute explains how to make a reasoned, non-judgemental approach. Click on the picture above to download a copy with explanation.

Ventriloquist dummy manipulated

How to spot and stop manipulators

You have certain rights, including the right to say “no’ to people, but how many times are you manipulated into saying ‘yes’ against your will?

In this excellent article in Psychology

Today, Preston Ni, professor and coach explains how manipulators operate, eg they know how to find your weaknesses, and use them against you. He has helpful advice on how to counter this.



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