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Remember the formula – B=f(PE)
Behaviour is a function of personality and environment.

Here’s a photo from around 1967 of a bunch of cadets

So remove them from this environment, and would they behave any differently?

Well, no1 the big “D” , who is probably a big “I” as well, is Cosgrove.[B=f(PE)]

No2 who is jugging it up with gusto and song is Peter Rose, ex RAE Brig (?) and now Chaplain for Parliament House with a Canberra diocese. [B=f(PE)]

No 3 is Peter Dunn, ex CPERS [B=f(PE)]

No 4 is Keith Bleechmore ex Colonel in RASigs, and

alas, no 5 is me.

Thanks for the great morning.


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